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Outbound Prospecting

Consider this: While you are conversing with a total stranger, they are constantly checking their watch. Once the conversation is over, you feel as though you’ve wasted your time because it is obvious that they are not paying attention. Selling without prospecting feels like that. Through prospecting, you can make sure that each lead you […]

Cold Email Templates

What distinguishes a sales email that no one reads and reacts to from one that brings in hundreds of new clients? The subject line, perhaps? how long? the writing style of the copy? or the concepts offered by the content? The solution combines each of the aforementioned factors. The ideal cold sales email requires both […]

Cold Email Subject Lines

Your excellent email campaign is prepared to launch with the goals set and KPIs created. By all accounts, you are so prepared that you believe your objectives have already been attained. There is only one issue: You must create a cold email subject line that is intriguing enough to prompt recipients to open your message. […]

Sales Objections

Your prospects are ready, willing, and able in an ideal world, thanks to your lead qualification process. Because the world isn’t perfect, there will inevitably be objections. While you cannot avoid them, you can learn how to effectively overcome them and turn a ‘no’ or ‘maybe’ into a ‘yes’. Here’s how to go about it […]

Amplify your prospecting activities with these tips, techniques and tools

Do not fall into the trap of believing that sales prospecting consists solely of making cold calls, followed by sending a semi-personalized email campaign, and then making even more cold calls. With the advent of cutting-edge tools, the age-old practice of prospecting is constantly being revolutionized. It helps sales representatives save time and work more […]

Inbound or Outbound Marketing: What Should You Focus On in 2022?

Have you ever been tasked with producing or updating your company’s marketing strategy? Whether you should use an inbound or outbound marketing strategy may be a familiar argument you hear when discussing upcoming project strategies. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with information and advice. Should you focus on making splashy signage, talking to potential leads […]

What is Lead Generation?

One of any business’s main goals is to gather leads. Businesses invest a lot of resources in lead generation. The fact is that it will be challenging to close sales if your prospects are not prepared to purchase what you are offering. Prospects who are interested in your product or service and in the market […]

Best Ways to Find Someone’s Email Address by Name

You find yourself sitting behind your desk wondering where you would even start looking for someone’s email address. You might know their name and surname, but have no clue what their email address is. Whether it’s for a prospect list of potential sales leads, or to ask someone a simple question.  There are many reasons […]

What is Top of the Funnel?

Before we dive into the nitty gritty about the top of the funnel marketing, let’s take a look at the basics of the top of the funnel.  The top of the funnel (TOFU) refers to marketing activities carried out to raise awareness of a brand or product. It is a component of the customer journey, […]

Best Automated Cold Email Software for 2022

Email is the most trusted and effective channel for reaching out to and acquiring prospects. If we look at how businesses communicate, email communication is one of the top channels they use. Not only is it convenient, but it doesn’t involve face-to-face interaction between businesses and clients. In turn, people are able to achieve sales […]

Creating Predictability in your Pipeline

The holy grail for any SDR, Account Manager, or VP of Sales has to be the ability to create predictability in their sales pipeline. We’re talking about a level of predictability that allows them to control the flow of leads into their pipeline by understanding which activities to perform and to tweak based on the […]

The Metrics that Matter in Cold Outreach

Peter Drucker famously coined the phrase, “Whatever gets measured gets managed”. This is true in just about everything but is particularly useful in cold outreach campaigns or as part of a cold outbound strategy that uses email as a channel. As with most sales strategies, there are countless metrics that one can measure to determine […]