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Harnessing the power of Data Science, we take an analytical approach to lead generation and email outreach. We find the exact leads you're looking for and create high-performing email copy for each recipient. The result: A highly scalable, bespoke outbound sales machine for B2B businesses.

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In 2019, we had this idea that outbound sales is broken. Why should you have to make a hundred calls a day to do three deals a month? That’s ridiculous. Surely there’s a way to dive into the data, crunch some numbers, and build a more targeted, high converting approach.

Obviously there is – but sales teams are too busy chasing that one ‘yes’ (and they’re sales people, not data scientists).

Today, we’re lucky enough to be floating amongst a massive amount of data that can close you more deals.

Harley-Davidson did it. In 2016, sales dropped to just two bikes a week at their New York City dealership. So they tried something new and looked to the data, ran some analytics and built a few prediction models.

The result - a 3000% increase in sales in just 3 months. They sold 15 bikes in a weekend.

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The Control Room: Insightful Campaign Management

  • Insights and Oversight: The Control Room provides a clear view of campaign metrics in real time, enabling strategic decisions.
  • Collaborative Strategy: Clients work alongside their account manager, benefiting from our team's varied expertise to hone their outreach efforts.
  • Transparency: We believe in complete openness about campaign performance, ensuring clients have all the information they need.

Why FueltoFly

FueltoFly stands on a solid foundation of more than five years in cold email marketing. Our journey is defined by a relentless pursuit of excellence and refinement in our strategies and techniques.

Our strength lies in the diversity of our team, which includes investment professionals, applied physicists, statisticians, high-performance athletes, analysts, machine learning specialists, and corporate sales experts. This unique combination of backgrounds enriches our approach, allowing for innovative and highly effective cold email campaigns.

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