FueltoFly's pricing is based on the level of granularity and testing involved. We embrace a collaborative approach to define and segment audiences based on specific demographics and criteria aligned to your target market.

Performance-Based Pricing

  • Commitment: Embark on a 3-month journey with us, followed by flexible month-to-month engagements.
  • Billing: Monthly invoices reflect the accumulation of leads or scheduled appointments.
  • Assurance: We commit to delivering any outstanding leads or appointments, even post-cancellation.
  • Volume: Anticipate 10-20 qualified leads or booked appointments each month.
  • Quality Guarantee: Dispute a lead or appointment within 24 hours—we promise swift replacements.
  • Definitions: A 'Lead' is an interested response in your inbox. An 'Appointment' is a scheduled and attended meeting with a prospect.
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Contact-Based Pricing

  • Commitment: Embark on a 3-month journey with us, followed by flexible month-to-month engagements.
  • Billing: Monthly billing unless otherwise agreed.
  • Reach: Engage with 1,000 - 5,000 contacts monthly, enhancing brand presence and interaction.
  • Scalability: Scale your outreach in tandem with your growth aspirations.
  • Billed Per Appointment: Opt for our appointment booking add-on and only pay for each prospect meeting that's successfully held. This service works seamlessly with your outreach, ensuring every interaction can lead to a tangible business opportunity.
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Both plans include the following:

  • Exclusive Access: The Control Room, a comprehensive dashboard displaying your outreach data, leads, and analytics. Collaborate with your dedicated account manager to refine strategies and drive conversions.
  • No Setup Fees: We start immediately, no upfront costs.
  • Customized Campaigns: Expertly crafted email sequences.
  • Analytical Insight: Real-time response analysis for informed decision-making.
  • Dedicated Resources: Your own IP pool for consistent email delivery.
  • Iterative Prospecting: Daily data-driven adjustments to prospecting activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

An email sequence is a series of emails that is sent to prospects, customers or users. These emails are dripped through with managed daily volumes so that they are sent on a consistent daily basis. Sequences are structured in ‘Steps’. Once a Step 1 email is sent, if there is no reply, then a Step 2 email will be sent with a predetermined time delay. Our sequences are typically 4 Steps long and can be sent over a 10 - 20 day period.

Each Step can be A/B tested with different messaging variants. This will then split the recipients evenly across the A/B test variants. As soon as a prospect replies or unsubscribes, the sequence will automatically end for them.

We prefer to segment our sequences into different target audiences that make up your broader addressable market. This is so that messaging can be tailored to each segment to create better specificity and produce increased results. At FueltoFly, our sequences then also consist of a specific prospecting persona to match the messaging for that sequence

The daily volumes are in total across all senders and sequences. If you’re on our Envision Plan, we can customize this and increase volumes on a per sender basis.

Any personally identifiable data linked to a lead will be deleted from our databases within 30 days after it is no longer needed. Any data we harvest in on your behalf and under your instruction and so the data becomes yours in terms of ownership. We make sure not to share any personally identifiable information publicly or with any other party aside from you as the client.

There are no long-term contracts! What sets us apart is that we go month-to-month, without you having to sign up for a long-term commitment - it is completely up to you! However, we do offer deals if you pay quarterly 😃. To cancel with us, we just require a 30-day notice period.

We partner with third-party data providers on your behalf as well as do some data scraping in-house. All data is specifically acquired for each client from scratch.

Pretty simple. We first set up your email infrastructure and then jump on a call with you so that we can better understand your business, target audience and other factors that will help the outreach perform. We'll then be emailing, prospecting and copywriting for you! You just need to take care of the leads in your inbox. We're collaborative and will always be in communication with you, so all copy and prospect list samples go to you first for approval before we launch anything.

We measure success by the ability to create predictability and consistency in generating you conversations with ideal prospects. If we can acquire more than 1 new, good fit conversation each day, per rep, on a consistent basis - we consider that as the standard.

No it won’t. We set up subdomains for you, which have their own reputation which is completely separate to the reputation of your primary domain. This subdomain inbox is where all outreach emails will be sent from and replied to.

Definitely not, we make the process as convenient as possible and redirect all replies to your normal inbox or an inbox of your choice where you can then seamlessly continue the conversation.

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