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If your emails are not setup with SPF, DKIM and strict DMARC policies, you're going to have a problem.

it’s that simple.

You also need an SMTP that lets you send 1000+ emails/day without any hassles.

At FueltoFly, we set up 2 types of infrastructures you can use concurrently that run in parallel to your primary email.
Our setups are done through subdomains, for example if your primary email is name@domain.com, we’ll set up outreach to send from name@go.domain.com.

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High Volume Setup for broader outreach to larger addressable markets

This setup is linked to a Sendgrid SMTP with dedicated IPs configured for high volume sending.

SPF, DKIM & strict DMARC policy

Recommended daily warm up schedule

Expected open rates: 30 - 60%

Max recommended volumes: 1250 emails/day per sender

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Low Volume Setup for niche audiences

This setup is linked to Google IPs which boast some of the highest reputations on the internet.

SPF, DKIM & strict DMARC policy

Expected open rates: 60 - 80%

Max recommended volumes: 70 emails/day per sender

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