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FueltoFly has done a great job of gathering cold leads for Soho. I have had a good experience with customer service even with the huge time difference. The reporting features are helpful in shaping the future campaigns. FueltoFly’s team is always looking to enhance the effectiveness of our campaigns.
I would recommend working with FueltoFly.

Customer Story

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Leads Graph

This graph shows that most of the interested replies came from the Travel and Hospitality industry. This is inline with the fact that hospitality is based on customers having a great experience. It was followed by Health and Beauty coming in as the second highest generator of interested replies.


Total Leads Graph

The leads projection graph shows a steady increase in leads over the next few weeks. Today’s date is shown at the end of the solid line. Based on the current lead generation rate, projection is that SOHO will have almost tripled their amount of leads in the next 3 months.


Industry Graph

Aligning with the amount of leads generated per industry, Hospitality is the best performing industry with Health and Beauty following in second. Both of these industries are designed to evoke emotion and provide thrilling experiences for their customers, so SOHO’s business model is a good fit.


Job Title Graph

Naturally, titles within the marketing departments performed the best, with VP of Marketing, Marketing Director and Brand Manager coming in as the titles who showed the most interest.

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