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As we were growing our team, selecting a lead gen partner that could help us dial up our lead generation without taking up our time and resources was pivotal. We found, or should I say Fuel to Fly found us at just the right time last year as we were exploring different options to help us scale. Like most, I was originally skeptical about responding to a cold email outreach, however I was impressed with FueltoFly’s advanced email infrastructure and data analytics so thought we would give them a go. In a short time FueltoFly have already provided us over a hundred leads, nearly 50 booked meetings and just under $30k in cash collected and over $80k in expected revenue. Definitely recommend FueltoFly and we look forward to continuing our partnership.

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Leads Graph

The percentage of interested replies is quite evenly split across the board, but Training Programs and Community generated the highest interested reply rate.


Total Leads Graph

The leads projection graph shows a steady increase in leads over the next few weeks. Today’s date is shown at the end of the solid line. Based on the current lead generation rate, projection is that B2B Leads will have almost doubled their amount of leads in the next 3 months.


Industry Graph

The best performing industry from the ones targeted was Public Relations and Communications. This department is a great fit in seeing what leads would be a good fit for the company in terms of aligning with brand, vision and mission so it is a good fit industry for lead generation.


Job Title Graph

Naturally, the titles that gave the highest interest rates were the likes of Founder, Co-founder and Managing Director. This makes sense as these titles will often be invested in the generation of new business and increasing revenue for their respective companies.

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