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In the early stages of our growth, we tested many different business development channels. Initially, we struggled with an inconsistent flow of demos in our pipeline. Enter FueltoFly… they have become one of our most reliable channels and have helped us drive more consistency in our prospecting activity. Not to mention, they’ve been a great culture fit for our team. Fun to work with, and always striving to help us achieve our goals!

Brodie Meyer
Founder and CEO at Yourco

Customer Story

Yourco is the first product built specifically for two-way text communication between managers and their team members who don’t have a work email address. It’s completely free for employees to use, requires no software download, and guarantees 100% deliverability.


Yourco’s founding team was referred to us on the basis of them really ticking the boxes as an ideal FueltoFly client. The service of providing streamlined two-way text communication between non-office employees was unique, in-demand, and the value proposition could be communicated in 150 words or less.


Despite having a great product, Yourco weren’t satisfied with the amount of conversations and demos they were having at the top of their sales pipeline. FueltoFly got to work with building targeted lists of HR managers across the United States that worked within blue-collar industries. When combining these granular prospect lists with conversational messaging the leads soon started streaming in.


Over the course of the past year and 9 months we were able to gain invaluable insights that have laid the foundation for Yourco’s evolving outbound sales machine. When it comes to cold outbound we know that success depends on testing and doing so continuously. Good data in equals good data out, and by subscribing to this we’ve been able to narrow down on industries and titles that resonated most positively with the Yourco offering.


The Yourco sales team scheduled 43 demos from the 108 positive responses to our cold outreach. They’re also the true example that it takes 2 to tango when it comes to moving leads down the sales funnel. By keeping reply times low, and being proactive when it comes to adding touch points to engagement with the prospect, Yourco have been able to convert demos to onboarding calls. Coffee’s for closers, and It comes as no surprise that Brodie’s always drinking a warm cup of Joe on our bi-weekly catch up calls.


We look forward to our continued engagement with Yourco. By testing new audiences and communicating the development of new product features we have no doubt that many more revenue-generating conversations will land in the Yourco inbox.

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