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In 2019,

we had this idea that outbound sales is broken. Why should you have to make a hundred calls a day to do three deals a month? That’s ridiculous. Surely there’s a way to dive into the data, crunch some numbers, and build a more targeted, high converting approach.

Obviously there is – but sales teams are too busy chasing that one ‘yes’ (and they’re sales people, not data scientists).

Today, we’re lucky enough to be floating amongst a massive amount of data that can close you more deals.

Harley-Davidson did it. In 2016, sales dropped to just two bikes a week at their New York City dealership. So they tried something new and looked to the data, ran some analytics and built a few prediction models.

The result- a 3000% increase in sales in just 3 months. They sold 15 bikes in a weekend.

You don’t need a fancy suit to close deals anymore.

We’ve built this approach and it delivers results. No more wasting time and money chasing prospects that don’t get it. Your great business deserves great clients.

Ideal clients convert faster, have a higher lifetime value, and don’t churn.

Equipping you with deep level insights and a data-driven approach – we give you

the Fuel to Fly.

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